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Murder Mystery!

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 

7pm PT


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Hal Sapone, a notorious crime boss from Chicago, has directed his mobsters to meet without delay to find out who whacked the mole in his faction, Jimmy The Legs. Jimmy was squealing to the feds about the inner-workings of Hal’s underground organization, but it’s a sign of disrespect and rebellion to clip someone without an order from the top.

Hal wants the disloyal thug found at once.


Furthermore, the crime boss has received puzzling notes from the extortion racket known as The Iron Hand. Hal wants everyone to work together to decipher the messages.


You’re in the Chicago Mob Faction. Hal Sapone has summoned you to attend this meeting.  This is where your story begins

Suspect List

Soldier, Chicago Crime Faction
Born in Chicago on August 10th, 1905

Nicky Wright is the smooth operator who runs the Sapone Speakeasy – an underground hotspot with
illegal booze and gambling. This young gangster is keen on making up rhymes about victims before
bumping them off. So, if you hear Nicky rhyming, start running! Nicky is a solider, reporting to Charlie

Played by Rachel & Tony

Associate, Chicago Crime Faction
Born in Chicago on June 3rd, 1896

Born in Chicago with an Italian descent, Alex Rocco was destined to find a home with the Chicago
mob. Alex used connections from relatives in Sicily to get under Hal Sapone’s wings. Alex hopes to
one day become a made member, but for now, Alex is enjoying the protection that being affiliated

with the mob offers.

Played by Michael & Ellen

Capo, Chicago Crime Faction

Born in New Orleans on October 5th, 1893

Duckie Shultz is the undisputed number one rumrunner for the Chicago Crime Faction. Duckie is the
sibling of Charlie ‘Lucky Feet’ Legnano and will do anything for the Chicago Crime Faction. Duckie’s
loyalty seems to be unsurpassed and unbreakable. Duckie was recently made a Capo after Charlie

campaigned for it with Hal Sapone.

Played by Dan

Capo, Chicago Crime Faction

Born in Chicago on February 15th, 1902

Sam Heart, or more commonly known as Fun Guns, is known for an outlandish lifestyle. Sam earned
the playful nickname due to strapping up to eight guns at any given time. Sam is a lifetime mobster
and pledged complete loyalty to Hal Sapone long ago. Sam’s a made member of the mob who has

the most soldiers in his/her crew.

Played by Sara & Martin

Soldier, Chicago Crime Faction
Born in Chicago on September 3rd, 1888

T.K. Harris is the Chicago gangster known for pulling pranks. T.K. earned the nickname ‘Speedo’
because of being the fastest runner on the mob scene. T.K.’s loyalties are often in question, but at
least on the surface, this gun wielder’s loyalties lie with the Chicago Mob Faction, as T.K. was

recently put up as a made soldier, reporting to Sam Heart.

Soldier, Chicago Crime Faction
Born in Chicago on January 1st, 1889

Nat Rosetree is the most charming gangster of the Chicago Mob Faction. If Hal Sapone needs to win
someone over on the outside, Nat is called to the scene. A real schmoozer, Nat usually can get

what’s needed for the mob. Nat is a soldier, reporting to Duckie Shultz.

Associate, Chicago Crime Faction
Born in Pennsylvania on May 29th, 1893

Mick The Fish is the cagey second-cousin of Jackie Bianchi from Pennsylvania. This quirky gangster is
fiercely loyal to Jackie and will keep a watchful eye on anyone around. Mick would do anything to become a

made soldier.

Underboss, Chicago Crime Faction
Born in Chicago on November 30th, 1899

Jackie ‘Big Brain’ Bianchi is the infamous Underboss of the Chicago Crime Faction. It’s the height of
the prohibition era, and this powerful second-in-command to Hal Sapone is one of the leading
bootleggers in the United States. This menacing lawbreaker is bold, and the coppers can’t seem to
nab Jackie for anything. Jackie was the former crime boss but gave the job to Hal after being gunned

down by a rival gang.

Played by Ella


Consigliere, Chicago Crime Faction
Born in Chicago on July 7th, 1897

Max Solitare is the hardnosed cousin of Jackie ‘Big Brain’ Bianchi of the Chicago Crime Faction. Max serves
as the counselor and advisor to Hal Sapone and has been a trustworthy friend and confidant to Hal. Max will
stop at nothing to achieve a goal and will stand by Hal Sapone and the Chicago Mob at all costs. Stay clear of

this trigger-happy mobster if you want to live.

Played by Tara & Miki

Capo, Chicago Crime Faction

Born in New Orleans on October 12th, 1890

Charlie ‘Lucky Feet’ Legnano is the merciless made member of the Chicago Crime Faction. One of
the most unpredictable gangsters in Chicago, Charlie’s intolerance is legendary. This mobster is
quick to put an end to a fight, but it’s usually with a trusty Tommy gun. Charlie’s a Capo with many
ruthless soldiers under his/her command. Charlie is the sibling of Duckie Shultz.

Played by Marla & Bryan

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